Weighting the Vests

Due to liability concerns and the fact that every child is different in weight and size,  Vests for Visionaries does NOT weight their vests.   They leave this to parents and therapists.


The recommended amount to weight is 10% of body weight.   We do recommend a quick and easy way to add the weight is to use pennies, mostly in part due to the size, availability, and low cost.   You can also use rice, sand, polypellets, fishing weights, or pretty much anything really!


If you do decide to use pennies for the weight, each roll of pennies weighs 0.3 lbs.   SO  5 penny rolls = 1.5 lbs.   Also here is a video explaining different ways you can use the pennies.


Also when weighting the vest, please make sure to equally distribute the weight in the front and the back pockets.   It has been recommended to limit vest wear with weight for no longer than 90 minutes at a time.   Extended wear of the vest could cause the child to become used to the weight and lose effectiveness.

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