Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get all the uniforms?      We have had them mailed in, brought from different states, and donated locally from veterans and active duty soldiers and their families.


How long does it take to make one vest?   From start to finish 4-6 hours depending on size and number of pockets needed.



Can you make a vest out of a specific uniform or fabric if requested?  Yes, if you have  something specific you would prefer used for the vest, we can as long as you mail it in to us.



How much is shipping?   It is $7 for one vest and $13.25 for more than one.



Do you do group orders?  Yes, if you need more than one vest for a therapy group or you have more than one child in need we can do that.



Do you make vests for adults?  Unfortunately, No.   We use repurposed material.  It is easy to size it down, not so much to size it up.



Do you require proof of ASD/SPD/ADHD before getting on the list?   No, currently we do not require proof of need, BUT if we see the program is being taken advantage of we will.



Do you have a pattern to make the vests?   There is no pattern available to the public at this time.


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