About Us

Vests for Visionaries, created by Crystal Lyons, provides free weighted sensory vests upon request for children with special needs throughout the country and world by using recycled military uniforms.


During summer 2014, Lyons realized her son with ASD needed a weighted vest. Prices online began at $50, and only went up. Rather than purchase a vest, Lyons bought a sewing machine and learned to make them herself.


Vests for Visionaries was born after Lyons figured it out using her husband’s old military uniforms, and decided to use her new skill  to make and donate vests to her son’s therapists for other children who may be in need, but whose caregivers could not afford the high cost of a vest.


As word spread, Vests for Visionaries became an official incorporated business in September 2014 and a federally recgonized 501c3 non-profit. Through donations, Vests for Visionaries has provided more than 450 weighted vests to children nation and world wide free of charge.


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